1. In the thematic series "Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology", original scientific papers are printed in Bulgarian and English. Recommended volume of manuscripts is up to 20 typographic pages, including the references and illustrations.

2. In the Editorial Board, the manuscript is submitted on CD/DVD or e-mail together with a printed copy of A4 format (optional), written in MS Word: Times New Roman font 12 pt, fields 2.5 cm left and 2 cm to the other sides, with a line spacing of 1.5 lines.

3. The articles in Bulgarian are coupled with an extended summary in English - up to 1 standard page and short in Bulgarian - up to ½ page, revealing the research methodology, results and conclusions. The articles in English are presented with an extended summary in Bulgarian - up to 1 standard page and short in English - up to ½ page. Abstracts should not contain references or quotations, nor an assessment of the author's achievements. Abbreviations are not allowed in the title of the article.

4. The article is arranged in the following way: Title; Author (s) – First and Family name, business address of the author(s) and address for contact including e-mail (in English, in Roman script). Title; Author (s) – First and Family name (in Bulgarian). Before the Abstracts, a bibliographic description in English is given in the following order: author(s), year, title, source, volume, pages (filled in by the editors). Following is an Abstracts in English, followed by a list of keywords (up to six) and a summary in Bulgarian with listed keywords.

5. The statement shall be clear and consistent with the terminology adopted. Word or title underlines are not allowed.

6. The units of measurement shall be compulsorily assigned to the SI system. Formulas and chemical symbols must clearly distinguish between lower and uppercase letters, indices, and degrees. When the text is in Bulgarian, the decimal separator in the numbers is written with a comma and in English with a period (full stop).

7. The transliteration of the Bulgarian geographical names into the Latin alphabet should be in accordance with Regulation No. 3/26.10.2006, promulgated in State Gazette, No. 94 / 21.11.2006.

8. References. The list of references is given after the presented text in English (or using the Roman script) as the authors are arranged in alphabetical order and chronologically. If an author has several cited publications, the authors are first placed (in the year of publication, if there are several of his published publications in one year, the letters "a", "b" are inserted after the year etc.), followed by one co-author (sorted by the second author's family name) and finally by 3 or more co-authors (arranged in the year of publication). Both the text and this list are not allowed underlining of titles and sources, as well as other fonts.

9. Regardless of whether the text of the article is in English or Bulgarian, the bibliographic data of references printed in Cyrillic are written in Latin (Roman script) in the same way as in the respective foreign language in the publication itself and not translated by the authors of the manuscript. Indicate the original language of the article in parentheses and the language of the abstract - eg. (in Bulgarian, with English abstract). The bibliographic data is translated into English by the author if there is no published translation.

The bibliographic data for each quoted work is presented in the following order: Author name (inverse). Year. Title. Edition data. Collective works are written by all authors, but only the name of the first is inversed.

DeGraff, J.V., P. Canuti. 1988. Using isopleth mapping to evaluate landslide activity in relation to agricultural practices. Bull. IAEG, 38, 61–70.

Wright, R.H., R.H. Campbell, T.H. Nilsen. 1974. Preparation and use of isopleth maps of landslide deposits. Geology, 2, 483–485.

For books, monographs, and maps:

Bryant, E. 2001. Tsunami. The Underrated Hazard. Cambridge University Press. 320 p.

Marinova, R., I. Zagorchev. 1990. Geological Map of Bulgaria on Scale 1:100 000. Razlog Map Sheet. Geology and Mineral Resources Committee, Enterprise of Geophysical Survey and Geological Mapping.

It is desirable that the archive materials should not be included in the reference list but should be quoted on the relevant page below the line.

10. In the text, the sources are quoted by the author's name and year of publication (Bryant, 2001), (DeGraff, Canuti, 1988; Marinova, Zagorchev, 1990). In collective articles by more than two authors, only the first is noted, adding "et al." (Wright et al., 1974).

11. Tables with Arabic numerals are presented on separate pages after the literature, which are included in the total numbering of the manuscript. Their place in the text is marked in the left field. Large size tables requiring folding after printing are not acceptable.

12. Illustrations are presented in tif, jpg, png or bmp format, preferably over 600 dpi in graphics and over 300 dpi in photos. The resolution mentioned is for the size of the illustrations to be printed (maximum - 12.5 × 19.5 cm). Their place in the text is indicated in the field of the respective page and each figure is marked with its number. Figures and tables in articles should be clear and well configured in the content of the article

13. The explanations under the figures are given on a separate page after the literature in two languages - in Bulgarian and in English (or only in English when the text of the article is in English). The Latin alphabet is used for alphabetic labels in figures and applications.

14. Articles that do not meet the technical requirements will not be considered.

15. Reviewing: Performed by two reviewers provided by the Editorial Board, and aims to improve the quality of accepted articles in close cooperation with authors. If the article needs revision or correction after consideration in the editorial board, the authors should assist in their rapid correction and undertake to submit the final version of the manuscript in electronic form within 2 weeks.

16. One copy of the text (in pdf) is sent to the authors for proofreading, which they are obliged to return within three working days. Only error fixes for technical reasons are allowed. Corrections are made with a different color and a comment on the pdf file or on the printed text.

17. Copyrights. By submitting the manuscript, the copyrights are provided to the journal, and authors are not allowed to send the manuscripts to other magazines.

18. The journal prints promotional materials. Further information on manuscript editing can be obtained from the Editor-in-Chief or from the Secretary of the Editorial Board. Their addresses are on the cover of the journal or published on







„Strashimir Dimitrov“

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Journal of "Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology". 2018