The series "Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology" summarizes the engineering geological conditions within the range of different types of engineering facilities - constructions, dams, tunnels, roads and bridges, gas pipelines, ports, radioactive waste repositories.

Published results of the regional hydrogeological studies, as well as the applied methodological approaches, help the clarification of Bulgaria's groundwater potential in quantitative and qualitative terms.

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“Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology” journal is edition of the Geological Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Since 1974 it has been printed as an independent edition devoted to the engineering geological conditions within the scope of various types of engineering facilities and hydrogeological studies, concerning the exploration and use of groundwater in Bulgaria and other countries. The aim of the journal is todisseminate the results among the scientific and professional community.

The journal content is peer reviewed. Periodicity - 1 issue per year. The Journal has free access to the full text of the publications.

No fees are charged to the authors for manuscript processing and / or publishing articles in the journal.

The Journal is referenced in: EBSCOhost-GeoRef; VINITI; CASSI (CAS Source Index)

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